SG-1 Mixit Traktor Mapping

On my old website, I’d put up a download link for a Traktor DJ controller mapping for the “SG-1 Mixit” – a very generic USB DJ controller – to allow it to be used for track-prep. The box for the hardware carried the “Soundgarden” branding and I think it may have previously been sold in either Lidl or Aldi.

Because it’s a terrible thing when old links die, here’s the shiny new 2019 version of basically the same page. The new download link is this one here.

A PDF with reference-instructions is included in the zip download, or here’s an image-copy of the same:

The process of using this mapping is probably easiest understood by watching the original video I created to go with it. It has not aged well, the quality’s not great, but all the information is in there:

The concept for this controller mapping was based on Ean Golden’s “Traktor S2 Track Preparation Tool” and pretty much entirely made possible by his original mapping and his video explaining it.

This mapping can also be found on DJTechTools’s very extensive mappings repository.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This applies to the Mapping itself, the accompanying PDF (and the above PNG version), and the YouTube video.