About Me

This is the personal blog of Matthew Fowler, who is also happy to be addressed as Matt.
(Pronouns: He/Him/His)

As I’ve learned from receiving lots of mis-addressed email, there are quite a few of “us Matt Fowlers” (or Matts Fowler, if you prefer), so a little disambiguation is in order.

The specific Matt Fowler whose blog this is…

  • is British, grew up in Hampshire, now lives in Brighton and Edinburgh
  • is happily married to this Duncan Campbell
  • (very) occasionally DJs under the stage name of Buxton The Red
  • is Buxton Malaprop in the Second Life virtual-world environment (but is only occasionally active there)
  • is also known as Diamond Joinee Matt Fowler
  • now mostly works alongside his husband, providing assorted technical contributions (C# programming, MS SQL Server database stuff, and all sorts of other fascinating miscellany)
  • is this particular person on LinkedIn, but really isn’t seeking Employment Opportunities, thanks

Best method of contact: Mastodon or Reddit (I am no longer routinely interacting with Twitter)

Other social-media and related links are down in the footer at the bottom of this page.