Link Dump

I tend to end up collating far too many open tabs in Firefox – some of them relate to things I won’t be picking up for a couple of weeks or more. I feel like dumping them on this here bloggy pagey thing.

A link being here is not an endorsement of any product / service / person / concept. I am not particularly bothered whether anything here makes sense to anybody apart from me.

Links will get removed from here as and when I see fit and any given link might have disappeared if you come back in the future. Do your own damn bookmarking if you want to keep track of anything.

Alternatives to Fusion 360

Well, Autodesk are shortly going to kneecap the Free tier of Fusion 360 and they have apparently no interest in making a cheap paying-maker tier available. So abandoning that particular ship might be in order.

Siemens offers a free Solid Edge Community Edition which might be worth investigating.

There’s FreeCAD which is apparently heavily parametric – no idea if that will work out for me but it seems to be the dominant open-source option.

Tom Stanton’s hovercraft

Ben Elton books on Kindle; This Other Eden

Second Life script/build

Waterproof laser-printable paper A4

Tabi boots and socks from Fuji Kimono

Pixel fonts


Silence – Signal-over-SMS. Delta Chat, secured IM over IMAP (which uses Autocrypt).

That article on TERFs because I know I will want to find it again in the future. (#transrights)

Music Production Stuff