Lux Box

The large box mounted under the saddle of my bike contains the batteries (two NiMH rechargeable D-cells) and main electronics (Arduino-type microcontroller) for the LED strips attached to the sides of the frame (front fork, top tube, seat stay) and on the rear reflector panel.

That custom extra lighting system is my own creation, I call it “Project Lux”.

The smaller box mounted to the top tube is the controls for those lights.

(The big black lump mounted to the down-tube is an ebike battery. The Project Lux lighting system does not connect electrically to the ebike system.)

Here’s what the inside of the box looks like:

The wiring to the light strips connects to the green terminal blocks. The two D-cell NiMH batteries go in the battery holder, where you would expect. The key switch on the left side of the box acts as the master power switch for the system.