Buxton The Red’s Bike

My bike (being the only bicycle in the world with this web page marked on it, which also has my custom lighting package installed) is logged on BikeRegister. It is not for sale or transfer, in whole or in part.

If someone tries to sell you a bike with the address of this web page (buxred.uk/bike) marked on it, or any bike parts with that same marking, please contact the police because that’s Stolen Goods. Tell them it’s definitely logged on BikeRegister.

In the event that I sell or transfer the whole bike or any marked part, such that anyone other than me might be the new legitimate owner of that thing, I will update this page.

(If you are the police and you’ve found “buxred.uk/bike” marked on recovered property, please look up BikeRegister QR Code number QR00161046 – thanks!)

My contact details (the ones I’m willing to put out on the web) are on the About Me page.